Tuesday, July 20

patty young knits

I splurged and bought some knits from Patty Young's latest collection.  I went for turquoises of course!  They are a nice sturdy knit in bright beautiful colors and designs.  And I got her Abigail dress/shirt pattern.
This is a 3T - a little big on Abby maybe, but I'm sure the dress will last into the fall & maybe even early next spring.
I love how easily it came together with my serger.  Because of the numerous gores, I had to be organized when I laid it out and put it together.  It lends itself to so many different looks too because it comes in short and long sleeve, and dress and shirt length.
The neckband and sleeve bands didn't lay totally flat but that's more of my serger issues and still figuring it out. 
I had fun rolling the bottom hem - the lettuce look makes it so twirly!  It was a pretty windy day, so the dress was doing its own twirling.  (I think she looks so serious in these pictures - kind of funny.  It was about 90 degrees and 80% humidity though, so the breeze made it barely bearable.  She's probably thinking - seriously mommy, can't I just go sit in the shade and drink my water and eat M&Ms???)

I did get some pinks too so I might be making her a long-sleeved shirt for fall.  We'll see.  Right now the pile of knits is sitting on the shelf looking pretty.


MaryAnne said...

This is so cute! I'd love to hear if you do figure how to get those serged seams to lay flat...

Misty said...

Adorable! Thanks for linking @Creative Itch's "Sew Cute Tuesday"!