Thursday, July 15

i am sewing... honest!

I've been definitely going into withdrawal this summer... my crafting time has significantly changed without my son being in school!  I did take a small altering job too - so time has been taken with that, but it's not exactly blogworthy.
However - a girl's gotta sew!!!  So I figured where better to start than another Olabelhe dress.  This is Sabrina - a short sleeved dress with a two-layer skirt.
I just thought this was such a beautiful bright floral fabric so I went for it.  I'm not sure it's totally working with this style dress - but I had fun with it.  It also has ties at the waist, but with this busy fabric the green and blue almost blends in.  The bodice lining, waist ties, armbands, and bottom skirt are all a green and blue swirly leafy fabric.

Also - my hard-to-photograph 3 year old niece finally let herself get photographed (thanks E!).  Isn't she cute?

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MaryAnne said...

She's adorable, and cute dress, too, of course ;)