Wednesday, July 14


The kids and I went on a field trip of sorts on Tuesday.  You may remember our summer list - pretty much full of stuff that is perfect for the kids.  Well, I might have just had to sneak in one activity for Mommy on the list.  hee hee.... a trip to a *special* fabric store.  It's about an hour away from us so we packed our lunches, a bag of books and toys, and hit the road.
Vogue Fabrics is HUGE.  This is just part of one of their 4 aisles in the cotton/ voile/ knit room.  They have a bridal/fancy fabric (menswear, taffeta, etc) room, a home dec room, a sewing machine room, a notions room - and one other small room that I don't even remember what exactly was in there.  I was like a kid in a candy store, except I had two kids who WEREN'T in a candy store, and technically weren't supposed to eat or drink anything in there.  Hadn't thought of that when I packed water bottles and pretzels to occupy them in the store.  ahem.  I think it's obvious I would have enjoyed a more leisurely stroll through the store.
Check out a few of their beautiful trims!  (sorry - these are iPhone pics so they're not the greatest.  Go to their website if you want a better tour.)
I ended up with a piece of oilcloth, a few cute canvas pieces for bags, and a couple striped knits that I have plans for... now if only I had time to actually get busy!  OH, best of all - that was the store in a suburb on the north side of Chicago.  I guess there's another one on the south side, sort of near where my dad works.  Hmmm.....  I think I've got plans for another day!  They'll have different knits and goodies, right?

What's your dream summer field trip for YOU?


Jackie said...

Happy memories of another trip to that store? I am impressed that you thought to take pictures as you shopped?

MaryAnne said...

Very impressed you got photos while shopping with children - looks like an amazing place!