Tuesday, July 28

back on track???

I'm trying to get back on track from a whirlwind 2 weeks of beach, driving, rain, sightseeing, and more driving. I have done absolutely no crafting lately, due to vacation & the madness called unpacking and laundry since my return. I do have a couple custom sewing orders upcoming, but nothing too special or blog-worthy. (ok, well one special project for my hubby's birthday, but I'm not ready to reveal that yet.) So I just wanted to say yes, I'm here. Yes, I will be crafty again.

Cause I know you all love pictures... here's my favorite one of the kids (in the camper) waiting for breakfast. (excuse the junk piled everywhere, that's life in a camper with two little kids!)
While we were driving along one day, I decided to quick look on the school district website for something. I noticed there was a job opening for a librarian. I won't go into all the details, but I decided not to apply. I decided that being home with my kids & doing my thing here is more important than going back to work in a library. But it did start me thinking some more about what I'm really doing here... meaning in the blog world, and in the sewing business. So, indulge me a little here... I am just wondering... Why are you here? (I mean that in a nice way.) What do you love - book reviews, pictures of my silly kids, tutorials, clothing, embroidery, card making, decorating, party planning, organization tips...? What are you interested in seeing? If you could pick one thing from my artfire shop or my past projects to be yours, what would it be? (feel free to click on the sewing label on the side and browse for a while.) I'm contemplating my fall plans, and just trying to think about what to offer. And who knows, maybe one person's dream will become reality....

Thanks for stopping by my little corner today. See you around!


Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

I read your blog because I like seeing your new creations in the sewing world ... I like seeing where you get your inspiration ... and a few personal stories here and there are always fun, too!

I like your sports related shirts ... I think a cute dark blue shirt with a large grey star is always a classic look ;)

MaryAnne said...

Tutorials are my favorite, but I like clothing, embroidery, pictures of kids, decorating, party planning, and organization tips too.

I think your shop is full of cute items, but the tutu onesie dress and fuzzy cubes are probably my favorites.