Tuesday, July 7

tulips and windmills

I'll start with the back view first. I think it is just so pretty - I love the squiggly design and how the windmill pops out!The turquoise windmill was quilted with a variegated turquoise thread. The fabric that looks white actually has little green specks all over it. It was quilted with white thread. It is so quick and easy and fun to do the free motion squiggles! I know some people stress about them, I find them to be a blast!!
It is a three-windmill table runner for my mom - a (VERY!) late Mother's Day present. It will be on her table to greet her when she returns from her vacation to Prince Edward's Island and Nova Scotia. Her everyday dishes are Tulip Time (Franciscan) and I chose the fabrics to match. She saw the pink table runner that I did in this same pattern, and loved it enough to ask for her own. I think it's a nice combo.
Welcome home, mom!

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