Tuesday, July 14

how to make a onesie dress, part 2

(go back a day for the first bunch of directions)

After you've pieced the skirt, the next step is gathering/ ruffling/ getting the skirt part ready to attach.
If you have a ruffler – have fun. Play with your settings and make sure it’s going to ruffle it as much as you want it to.
If you don’t have a ruffler, do the two rows of stitching and gather the fabric up.
In other words – gather however you gather!!!
Remember that original width of the onesie? It doesn’t have to exactly match up, because you’ll want some give when you’re pulling this over the baby’s head. Just don’t make it too small!

Once all your gathering is done, sew up the last side seam.
Then do your hem however you want to do hems – I have a rolled hem foot I use. You can also do the fold ¼”, iron, fold ¼”, sew method.
Feel free to add another ruffled layer on the bottom. I usually take the width of the fabric strip I made, double it, and cut a 1-1/2" ruffle. I’m not going to write out all the math for that. If you need help, just email me.So - at this point you will have a very basic looking skirt with a raw top edge (where you gathered).

Lay the onesie out and draw a line across the lower middle of the onesie. (Use a marking pencil, use a washable marker – whatever is easiest for you.)
Remember that the diaper actually comes up pretty high, so if you do a line across about 2/3 of the way down from the top, that will work out. If you do it too low, the skirt will hang too low and look funny.
Open up the onesie snaps. Put the right side of the skirt to the right side of the onesie. Match up side seams, and pin a few times in the middle. The raw edge of the skirt should be lining up along that line you drew. The snaps should be showing, and the hem of the skirt should be up near the neckline of the onesie. That way when you’re done sewing, you’ll just flip it down and be done!

The first few onesie dresses I did I used a straight stitch, and then got frustrated when the stitches pulled when I put it on my daughter. I decided to try a zig zag stitch and have been happier with the results.
So – zig zag stitch your skirt to your onesie. Pull the onesie so it’s stretched out a little as you’re sewing. Like I’ve said before – you have to remember how much it stretches to get over those shoulders!! You just don't want it too small!
Zig zag around twice if you’re really worried about frayed edges or something coming undone. I’ve never had a problem with just once around.
Flip the skirt down and you’re done!!!
Some people attach a little ribbon around the front, and leave it lose on the back to allow for stretching and gathering and tying. I think that's more important on a tshirt, because those have a tendency to be looser than onesies.Almost done. That onesie top looks pretty plain now, doesn’t it? Use a few scraps and appliqué something cute on there… initial, shape – whatever will go well with the skirt!
And voila – a perfect finished outfit. Diaper cover, done. Shirt, tucked in. Adorable – you betcha!

I know it looks like a lot of steps, but it’s so fun and easy – and pretty addicting!!! Please let me know if you make one – leave a link in the comments so we can see your creation!

If you need help with any of the steps, just ask!

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Melissa said...

Showed my Abby the photo of her cupcake dress. Abby said she likes cupcakes! Looks great! :) Thank you