Wednesday, July 22

travel updates

Here's a little bit of a travel update from Massachusetts...

First of all - any nature lovers out there?? What the heck is this white stuff????!!!!

The lovely Orchard House. I'm a bit of a Little Women fan... so I was excited to be able to get a peek inside and hear more about Louisa May Alcott's life. I gained so much more respect for their family!

Since I do try and keep it a little crafty around here... I thought you might enjoy seeing the quilt hanging in the library at the Eric Carle Museum. It's all appliqued renditions of some of his artwork. Gorgeous!!!!

And here is my son & his daddy making their collages "just like Eric Carle"... well they used glue and tissue paper at least! Abby did stick a couple pieces on, but she really just wanted to cruise around. After being stuck in a carseat for two days, who can blame her?!

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Jackie said...

What a great trip you all are having. The plant might be Indian Pipe - it's hard to tell. Were they in a slightly moist environment?