Friday, September 18

feeling sleepy?

I whipped up a couple little pillowcases. Cupcakes for the little girl - sweet dreams!
A little pink trim adds a nice detail.
And for her brother - pirates!!! (just in time for a good night's rest after searching for treasure on Talk Like a Pirate Day!)
The gold trim - a definite treasure on this pillowcase!

Sweet dreams kids. (hope you like them, M!)


Margaret said...

What beautiful pillows! And I love the little halloween dress with those eyes... fabulous!

Lora said...

so cute!!

Jackie said...

Very cute!!

Melissa Goodsell said...

The pillows are so lovely!

MaryAnne said...

Very cute!

Melissa said...

The kids do love these pillow cases! However they still don't want to go to bed. :)
Thanks Beth