Saturday, September 19


Here they are! In all their sweet yummy ready-to-be-grilled goodness!!!I know summer's drawing to a close, but I had to share our favorite meal in case you have one last cookout left in you!

Teriyaki Marinade for Beef Shishkabobs

1 c. firmly packed brown sugar
2/3 c. ketchup
2/3 c. vinegar
½ c. soy sauce
½ c. vegetable oil
5-6 cloves garlic, finely chopped
2 t. ground ginger
In medium bowl, combine ingredients, mix well.
Marinate the beef cubes overnight.

A full shishkabob may include:
Beef (cubed, marinated overnight & precooked)
Potatoes (cubed & precooked)
Pineapple chunks
Cherry tomatoes
Red or Green Peppers

Once everything is skewered, thicken up the sauce with a little cornstarch. Now you’re ready to grill. Be sure to baste often and use as much of the sauce as you can. It’s so sweet you won’t want to miss any!!!
This is our favorite summer meal. It’s a bit labor-intensive getting everything on the skewer, but man it is worth it! It makes GREAT leftovers, too!

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MaryAnne said...

Thanks for the marinade recipe, it sounds delicious!