Wednesday, October 14

skirting the issue

I've been avoiding skirts. Don't ask me why. I've tackled much harder projects lately. I just have a hard time estimating elastic, and wish I had a model here in the house. So, I measured on my son and came up with this all on my own.
I think it might be a little wide & a little short, but I'm not quite ready to ask him to try it on so I can see for sure. Anybody know any size 3/4/5 girls who want to try?
The top layer is a red, pink, gray and white corduroy full of flowers and swirls. I used it for a jumper last year, and had enough still in my stash to whip up this skirt.
The bottom layer is muslin (so it's not too thick) with a gray corduroy ruffle. I can picture it now... tights, boots... oh so twirly and cute!

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MaryAnne said...

Very cute skirt! I really the like texture of the corduroy ruffle.

I have a 3yo, but she's the skinniest 3yo I know, so she wouldn't be much use as a sizing guide.