Saturday, October 31

do you hear the sirens?

All I know is that I think I'm living in a fire station because I've got a fireman at my door and a dalmatian running in the yard!!!
I made the coat and pants. I tackled a collar and I don't love how it looks inside, but it turned out just fine for a costume. I bought some iron-on reflective tape and then reinforced it by stitching the edges. My husband tracked down a Fire Supply store and we got the hat, boots, and letters for our last name on the back of the jacket. The suspenders were actually my brother's when he was little - my mom had them in a box and they were perfect for this!
The air pack is a 2-liter bottle spray painted gray. I then hot-glued webbing straps to one side, added D-rings and tried it on for size. We realized it needed a little more so we looked up Scott Air Packs online. I enlarged the picture, printed it out, and Mod-Podged it on. That added a little shine to make it glossier, and made it look like a little more than just a spray painted bottle.
The dalmatian costume is a white sweatshirt & leggings (store-bought) with felt dots I sewed all over. The ears are white felt. I made sure to give her a cute little collar with a heart tag. She wore black patent leather shoes too - just because!Hope you had a Happy Halloween! I'm off to enjoy a little more chocolate...


MaryAnne said...

Adorable costumes!

Anonymous said...

Conner was so proud to show us his costume today. And Abby was all smiles in hers. Did she get a lot of DogBonz when she went Trick or Treating?? ;-)

Love, Grama and Grampa Anderson

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you made the costumes. They are sooooooo cute!!

Julia Liu

Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

Second and third cutest kids ever! (I'm totally not biased.)