Thursday, October 29

abcs and 123s

These fabric letters come in a little yellow bag - perfect for playing with anywhere! Numbers are also included.
Other possible variations on the set: different font, lower case, magnets inside, velcro for use on a feltboard... what would you do with fabric letters?


Jackie said...

How about iron on stuff on the back so I could put them on something? Could I order a specific set of letters or numbers?

maryanne said...

These are pretty! I like the idea of using them on felt boards and having magnets on the back. Maybe for the felt board, though, use the fuzzy kind of interfacing that sticks to felt boards on the back instead of scratchy velcro?

I like the idea of offering custom sets, so people could request their children's names, etc. Another idea is to offer sets with multiples of frequently-used letters to allow people to spell names/words.

Brooke said...

Those would be perfect for the lessons I work on with my son to teach him the letters! Right now I just have printed out letters on plain boring paper!

Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

I would probably sell it with the feltboard. I like the idea of lower case letters, too.

I can't wait for your show next weekend!