Saturday, October 10

super why

Halloween is coming... and that means time for costumes!! A friend of mine asked for a little help pulling together an outfit for her son.

Do you recognize Super Why? She decided I should put the belt on the t-shirt rather than on the elastic pants. "It's not that L tucks his pants in anyway."

If you're interested in details, I'm happy to share how I put it all together. I didn't take pictures because I was kind of in a hurry to get it done before a party tomorrow. However, my son REALLY wants his own too, so I can do a tutorial on the cape or fleece pants when I make them for him - if you're interested. The cape is easy to make for any super hero!

I am still working on the costumes for my kids... a few more finishing touches for my daughter, and my son's just needs some letters. I can't wait to share them! How are your Halloween costumes coming along?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE it! My kids get sucked into Super Why so this is a great costume. Good luck with working on others. I haven't even thought of costumes here yet. We are just getting over the fact that we need our winter coats and that we had snow already! Hope all is well!!


Melissa said...

Wow That's a great Costume!!!