Monday, March 22

disney scrappin' adventure

What did you do on Friday night?  I participated in a crazy scrappin' evening of laughter with my sisters-in-law.  We met at around 6:15, had dinner, and got down to business.  We were eating our brownie/ice cream sundaes and packing up just *a little* past midnight.  With five kids 5 & under between the 3 of us, it's not easy to spend time just the three of us.  But we decided that we needed to find time to get together more often... what a fun evening!!!!

We started by sorting our pictures and laying everything out on the table.  Stickers, papers, Cricut, doodads, etc.  Thank goodness my sister-in-law's table seats 10!!!!
 Once we'd decided what papers and pictures were going together, and what order they were going in, we had a plan.  That didn't take us too long.... haha.  Yes, those are post-its on the wall.  They said the page titles & page numbers.  Have I ever mentioned I like to be organized?

One of my favorite pictures up there in the top left... the three brothers getting ready to go on the Speedway ride at Magic Kingdom.  They crack me up.  The middle picture is all of us standing in the middle of Main Street trying to figure out what we were doing.  Classic.
Our cool safari pictures - a nice memory of our day at Animal Kingdom.
Our last page - all the kids in their matching sweatshirts (thanks D&D!) and a Goodbye picture courtesy of Small World.
We finished a total of 22 pages for the scrapbook.  On the inside of the back cover we traced each kid's hand and wrote our thank you note.  Then at our father-in-law's birthday party we presented it to him & our mother-in-law.  The 5 grandkids each put on their Mickey Ears and made a little parade walking out of the back bedroom (hilarious and adorable!).  The two oldest kids carried the book, and there might have been a charming little rendition of "It's a Small World" sung open delivery.  A wonderful ending to a very special trip!

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I love the assembly line, lol!

Reading this makes me want to scrap again! It's been too long.

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