Tuesday, March 9

natalie's dress

This is Natalie's Dress, from Olabelhe Designs. Dawn has done it again - a beautiful dress with timeless elegance & style. This special dress has a high neckline in front, and a lower back. This one was sewn with an extra special underskirt.Her signature sash in the back makes a beautiful bow tie (if you know how to tie, which I don't).
The best part... attack of the crinoline! The underskirt on this gorgeous dress has tulle along the bottom for a little extra poof.
This dress was made with a teal cotton fabric - but I can't wait to try it in something fancier like shantung! I have a perfect embroidered blue fabric that is going to be something special for Abby.


MaryAnne said...

what a fun dress!

Misty said...

Beautiful!! Thanks for linking @Creative Itch's 'Sew Cute Tuesday'!!

Anonymous said...
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