Saturday, March 6

what do you do on an airplane?

You may remember me sharing some of my Christmas presents... and talking about my trip to Boston last July.
Well we're off on another amazing adventure! My in-laws put together an amazing vacation for the whole family - their three sons & their families! There will be 13 of us staying at Fort Wilderness & visiting as much of Disney World as we can in a week.
What to do on the plane? It's got to be easy to carry, quiet so as not to bug the other passengers, and quick for me to put together.

My solution - I cut a bunch of patterned & colored felt shapes and they are going in his bag with the Ed Emberley Picture Pie book. Ed Emberley's book is great because there are a lot of animals made out of simple shapes - basically a book of design templates.
Last summer I did a swap with Mary Anne of Mama Smiles fame. I sent her an outfit for her brand new baby girl, and she sent me a travel felt board, a couple templates, and a bunch of felt shapes. Conner LOVED playing with it on our very long Massachusetts trip. So I decided to up the ante a little bit for the plane ride. I didn't make any templates, but with the ones from Mary Anne and his imagination I think he'll be busy for a while! I also made another felt board for Abby to play with. She loves playing with pieces of felt laying around the craft room, so maybe this will keep her busy for at least 5 minutes on the plane? Right?!

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MaryAnne said...

This sounds like a neat trip! Emma is dying to go to Disney World, but I'm afraid she'll have to wait a while before we can make the trip.

We brought felt shapes on the plane to Vienna and they worked pretty well - hope you have good luck with them too!