Monday, March 8

wreath for march

You may remember my Christmas and Valentine's wreath experiment. Well, now that it's finally March maybe I should move on to St. Patrick's Day, right?
So... I added a rainbow ribbon, green beads for a little sparkle (left over from Mardi Gras) - some sparkly shamrocks, and gold coins.
Here's a view of how they're attached to the wreath. Because I want to keep using the wreath, I had to figure out a way to make the coins and shamrocks easy to detach. I hot glued the coins together, and then cut short pieces of pipe cleaner and hot glued it onto the coins. Then I just bent the pipe cleaner around the wreath "branches" so it was out of sight.
Happy March everyone!


MaryAnne said...

very cute!

Jackie said...

Must be there's no chocolate! Very clever all around. I like the rainbow ribbon...