Tuesday, January 19

wreath around the year

I decided to try a little outdoor experiment this December. There's just so much snow and so little green.
My craft group at church was cleaning out our room and we came across some old greenery we didn't need anymore. It was kind of pathetic looking for putting on a mantel or where someone would see it up close. But I had an old wreath form sitting around, so I wrapped (and wrapped and wrapped) and made myself a wreath. The striped ribbon is something I've had for a couple years now. What a perfect greeting by the front door through the Christmas season.
I don't really like my bow very much, but was kind of rushing and didn't feel like messing with it. I think a wired ribbon would be much better don't you think?
Yes, I think wired ribbon works much better! (That and paying a little bit better attention to how bows are made on other people's blogs.)
Add a couple glittery hearts and we're ready for Valentine's Day! I'm not exactly sure I love it hanging off the light (that was my cheap easy solution) but for now it works. Maybe I'll hang it on one of the porch columns the next time I change it up.

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MaryAnne said...

I love the Valentine's Day theme version, and the wire ribbon really does work well!