Thursday, April 8

ladybug favors

The ladybug party is coming up this weekend.  Here's the favors for the little girl cousins.

Each girl gets their own "Love Bug" mask to decorate.  They were in the Joann's Dollar section.  It remains to be seen whether they'll be decorated at the party or later at home.  Then there's a little glitter to sprinkle around on a ladybug picture, and tins with black and red M&Ms inside.  The tins are also from the dollar section, and I added the glitter black dots around the top.  Of course everybody gets to pick a ladybug magnet, too!

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Aiming4Simple said...

I love all your ladybug ideas! My daughter's birthday is coming up in June. We might do a ladybug theme. It's nice to see what you did and be inspired!