Wednesday, April 21

new adventure... and a giveaway!!!

I am so excited!!!  I have a meeting next week with the owners of a store in the town I grew up in.  It's a sweet little shop named The Stork's Cradle.  It is filled with a few goodies for mommies (maternity wear, bags, etc.) and a ton of goodies for babies - nursery decor, books, quilts, blankets, clothing, toys and more.
Here's where I need your help!  I am pulling together some of my baby goodies to share with them in the hopes that they will want to sell some of it in their shop.  If you were going to walk into a store and buy my items off the shelf, what would you like to see?  What should I show off at the meeting - clothing and/or other items?  Hop on over to my Facebook galleries, click on categories ("threads") over on the right column, read old blog posts - whatever works best for you... just help me decide!!!  (Their clothing only goes up to 12month size).

I have also hit 40 followers and 400 blog posts.  So as a little thank you to you for sticking by me & helping me choose - a new giveaway & a coupon code!
GIVEAWAY - One of you will get one of your favorite things mentioned in the comments!!!!  A name will be chosen at random after my meeting with the Stork's Cradle owners.
COUPON CODE -  Order something from my ArtFire shop and include the code 4STORK and you'll get $4 off.

The coupon and giveaway will be closed next Monday at noon (after my meeting).


Cute_zties said...

I would bring nursing covers, infant t's with the cupcake (adorable!) and ladybugs....ladybugs are huge right now. Anything with initials...the shirts are super cute or "1" for first birthday. If you can, put together a little booklet or something to show off everything. At the shop I sell at, the owner has a binder full of pics that her girl who embroiders makes. If someone is coming in looking for something in particular, they can flip thru the book. Or a book of all your swatches for fabric choices/fonts, etc.

I could go on and on...let me know if you need any other help with anything!

Melissa said...

I agree with the post above. Maybe even a ring with fabric swatches on it. I look through the pictures and get back to you with my Favorites.

Rebecca said...

Some bucket hats for Summer with matching onesies. Modern, designer prints always go best, as well as cute boy prints like the little red car you had on one of your t's. Maybe even little shorts to match?

Myrnie said...

What a fun project for you! I think the tutu bag would sell well, the clips, the embroidered onesies, the onesie dresses (maybe make matching bonnets??). Nursing cover would be a good one, too. (Although, IF I won...I'd timidly ask you to send an I-Spy game, I'm scared of opening a bag of those pellets in my house! :) Good luck!!

MaryAnne said...

I think the tutu bag, chick bodysuits, hair clips, bucket hat (love the multicolor ovals one), tutu onesie, and then maybe your boy car shirt? I think the I spy pillow is worth bringing too, and your son's fishing set. Nursing covers are really popular right now also, as someone else mentioned...