Wednesday, April 7

ladybug magnets

Conner wanted to help make some goodies for Abby's party.  We got busy with Model Magic.  I haven't used it often, but with it's magical drying abilities, I figured it work out well for this project.
So much great fine motor work for him - rolling the balls, smooshing them together.  We made 22!
Then we left them out overnight to dry.

After they were dry, I glued magnets to the back.  Then we paired up a bunch of google eyes out of our stash, and glued the ladybug's eyes on.  It dawned on me then - I wonder what would have happened if I had stuck the eyes in before the Model Magic dried.  Has anyone else tried something like that?  Next project I'll find out!  I also used a Sharpie to draw a line down the middle.  If I had been doing this project myself, obviously the dots would have been a little more consistently sized & placed.  But with Conner helping, each ladybug has "personality".
At the party, they'll be parading on the refrigerator, and everybody will get to pick their favorite to take home.


Sarah said...

Those ladybugs are adorable! You are so creative! :)

MaryAnne said...

These are super cute, and I think it's so sweet that Conner wanted to make goodies for Abby's party!