Friday, April 2

easter wreath

Well - you might remember my wreath around the year adventure.  Well - here is my gorgeous Easter wreath.  I used a sweet little Easter ribbon and some Dollar Store foam Easter eggs.  Simple.  My big thing this time was to put it out on one of the porch posts, rather than have it hanging by the door.  Well, my great plan lasted about 6 hours before it fell down.  So my official wreath around the year has truly turned into an adventure now.

Time for a new wreath form and a new design.  I grabbed some twine I had laying around and wrapped and hot glued and wrapped some more.  I was a little short on twine and didn't want to go buy more.  So I used the ribbon to cover the remaining space, and then hung the eggs in a bundle up top.

I figure I can just use the twine covered wreath form and change out the ribbon with colorful fabrics and other stuff.  We'll see how this one works out!

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