Friday, August 6

growing with eric carle

My kids have spent a lot of time in the church nursery.  One of the nursery workers just had a little baby girl a couple weeks ago.  One of the other nursery workers wanted me to make something special for her using some Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric.  So I got to work brainstorming what to do.
The growth chart was a perfect starting point.  I used a solid yellow for the back & hanging tabs, and used the solid yellow to make the numbers.  Since her daughter's name starts with V, as does her older son, I made two V's with pins on the back to move up as the kids grow.

I used the other panels to make pillows for her.  I used the same yellow backing, and then red piping around the edge of caterpillar.  I used bright yellow piping around the sun panel.

Congrats F on the new baby!  Can't wait to meet her!

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MaryAnne said...

All cute, but the growth chart is my favorite - adorable!