Tuesday, August 3

turquoise trucks

I have a thing for turquoise vintage trucks.  I love them.  Not at all practical for a non-mechanic, suburban mother of two.  But in my dream world, I would live on a farm and drive a turquoise truck into town.  Everybody might be thinking "here comes the crazy crafty lady from the farm just out of town" but I don't care - it's my dream and it seems just right.
Like for example...
{photo from Flickr}
Or this one...
 {photo credit}
This one's pretty much my favorite with the rack on back too!!!
{photo from Flickr}

Ford - Chevy - Dodge - I'm not picky.  I suppose I should say Dodge because that's where my Grandfather worked for many years.  But if someone's planning on fixing up a turquoise truck for me - I'm not picky about what kind it is!  I want one of those big white skinny steering wheels, and I'll even re-learn how to drive stick if I have to.  Just pretty please, let's add in some AC and an iPod hookup?

My sister-in-law had a Stampin' Up party, and when I saw the truck set, I just had to get it!  It comes with all sorts of things to put in the back of the truck, and different sayings to use when making a card.  You can see I was playing around with what I should haul.  I did make a purple truck for my Halloween pumpkin truck.  I think turquoise trucks are more fun, I just knew that I had a bunch of purple and orange Halloween papers to use with it.

I stamped it with the "seaglass" Color Box ink, embossed it with clear powder, added some "cerulean" Color Box ink flowers, and then used my Crayola twistables to color it in.  I need to pay a little better attention to spacing - I wish the flowers and hearts were a little closer to the truck bed.  In my defense, they were the first two I did.

These apples were actually from another Stampin' Up set and are made to go in a basket.  I love apples though, and in my dream farm I'm sure there would be apple trees!
One of the stamps is a girl and one is a boy so you can make drivers for your truck.  Now that I'm typing this up, I kind of think it'd be funny to do one with me driving and the kids in the back.  Ha.
Other options (in my stamp sets) for the truck - balls of yarn, Easter eggs, presents, puppies, ornaments, and furniture for moving.  I think this will be tons of fun!

What's your favorite color for a pick-up truck?  What would you haul into town?  (and do you think I'll ever actually make these into cards?)


Jackie said...

My pickup will be bright red...

MaryAnne said...

cute stamp! I love green pick-up trucks, because my grandpa drove one =)