Wednesday, August 25

a kindergartener's desk

The next big milestone has reached our house - Conner started kindergarten today!!!!  I don't remember who had this idea, but they had their kids write what they wanted to be when they grew up (in their own handwriting) and then write their names.  When he got home, I had him put his nametag on the back, and we wrote down a couple special memories (the name of the book his teacher read, the name of his friend he met at his table, and the snack he ate).  I also traced his hand and measured how tall he was and wrote it down.  It will go in his memory box, and if I'm lucky I'll remember to do this every year.

When he came home, he found something new in his room - his very own desk!!!!  He's been asking for one for a while, and this just seemed like the right time.  After Abby & I got home from dropping him off, I put the desk and chair in his room (that had been hiding in the crawlspace waiting).  I added some of his favorite supplies in the little cubbies - a glue stick, tape, pencil sharpener, eraser, and scissors.  In some plastic jars inside I put pencils, markers, and colored pencils.  I also included a couple different note pads and a "sketch diary" for his creations.  He has been so artistic lately, and I am happy to encourage that as much as I can.
The best part is the story behind the desk - it used to be my Grama's when she was little.  My grandfather refinished it and my mom played at it as a kid.  I also used it as a child after the hinge was fixed.  I am now beyond excited for the desk to get its fourth generation of use!!!

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MaryAnne said...

What a cute desk, with a great story behind it! I love the picture idea, too.