Tuesday, August 31

one last summer fling

Before I get into all the fall sewing that will (hopefully) be happening now that I have my afternoons back, I wanted to make one last summer outfit.

I got a Little Lizard King pattern in July.  I thought it was so ruffly and cute.  I got a cute pink floral seersucker and a matching purple seersucker with white butterflies on it.  Since it's late in the summer I decided to line it so she can wear it with a tee and jeans this fall.  Don't you love how my model *had* to have her green lizard sunglasses on her head?  What a superstar.  (Oh, and by the way - I am so excited that she sat still long enough to have two french braids put in!)

I found this pattern to be so easy to use - well written and full of helpful photographs.  The size I used was 2T/3T - and I think my 2Twidth and 3Tlength model will be able to wear it next spring as well.  She's so skinny that it's tied pretty tight in the back and is still a little baggy.
I'm excited to give another one of her patterns a try!
why is it I can never get a nice bow on the back of her dresses?!


MaryAnne said...

So cute - and your pictures are wonderful! I LOVE the french braids!

Dawn said...

Hi Beth...thought I would stop by and check in on you to see what you have been sewing...cute cute cute stuff! I can't wait to see what you come up with next!