Monday, August 9

playhouse - roads

I am declaring this Playhouse Week!!!
My church craft group has been working for a LONG time on a special project for our craft show in November.  Now that it's all done, I'm ready to share it with you.
Because there are so many special parts to share, I'm going to share a different side each day.
There are a few other fabulous, creative women who worked hard to make it what it is - so thank you Patti, Kristina, Nancy, Dagny, Julie and Mary!

The top of the house is the perfect place to begin!
We tried to use parts of our town for inspiration - so we started with the downtown area.  It has a parking garage, river, sidewalk and covered bridge. We made sure to measure parking spots to fit Matchbox cars perfectly.  I could definitely see lots of other little toy animals & people making appearances along the riverfront and in the grassy green park area nearby!

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