Saturday, November 8

all done

Hooray. They liked it. They really really liked it. I donated some items to the craft fair and people bought them... 3 fuzzy cubes and an ornament-adorned onesie. It's always nice for people to buy things you've made. Even better, the money goes to missions.

The end of the show is always kind of a let-down - the shoppers dwindle and I always want to just clean up rather than wait it out. Luckily I was working the booth with two good friends so we sat and chatted the hour away.

Yesterday my thanks have to go to Bob the Builder for ending my son's crazy evening in peace. Thanks also to my lovely Kitchen-Aid for a fun morning of cookie baking. I love snickerdoodles and chocolate crinkles.
Today my thanks go to friends who help pass the time, yummy bake sale goodies, and random strangers who appreciate my talents. A big thanks also goes to my in-laws for a delicious Chinese dinner out, and thanks for the laughter of a crazy dramatic 3 year old.

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