Saturday, November 29

more bags!

Christmas is coming and I have a customer giving a bunch of bags for different occasions. Check them out...
I think she's planning to stick a novel and some sunscreen in - then she's ready for a trip to the pool! The flip flops kept walking around the bag.Her little cupcake will be able to pack up all her favorite treats in this sweet bag!

No walking the plank for her little pirate- this bag (complete with monogrammed eye patch!) will help him keep all his treasures together!

How many of you are taking a trip this Christmas? Or do you just need a little something to go back and forth between the car and home? I made this bag for my son's forthcoming adventures. It is ready to be stuffed with crayons, paper, Etch-a-Sketch, pipe cleaners, and other road trip goodies!

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