Saturday, November 29


I have had an amazing family-filled week.

We drove 15 hours to visit my brother. It was worth every minute. It was so nice to be in his world for once (being a bachelor he usually comes up here). We raked leaves, decorated his Christmas tree with him, went to the zoo, and went to work with him. He works for Habitat for Humanity, so my son can now say he has helped build a house for someone. Not many 3 year olds can say that! And yes, he really did help - he used a cordless drill to help put doorknobs on. There was a lot of finish work to be done, and my brother had to check in with the plumbers, so it was the perfect job!
Then we got home Wednesday night, unpacked, and the next family marathon began. Thanksgiving day at our house, with aunt, uncle, mom, dad, MIL and FIL. Nice day. Good food.
Friday we went to the Children's Museum and the fire station. I feel so blessed that there are so many people who want to be a part of my children's lives. Everyone wants to be with them, interact, teach, challenge, and encourage them. It is so fun to watch.
Saturday my hubby took the kids for the morning and I got some of my orders done. Then we got our Christmas tree and had lunch at Boston Market (yummy mac&cheese!). We go pick it out from a bunch at a local petting zoo kind of place. It's nice ambience and we end up making a donation at the same time. It works out pretty well. Then we left my daughter with my parents and took my son to see STOMP with the in-laws. He is so going to be a drummer someday. He loved it.
Tomorrow is busy crazy too with church, choir practice, Advent party, and our own tree decorating. So much going on, so many people and opportunities to be thankful for.

Now if only I can stay organized enough to make it to 2009...

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