Monday, November 3


So many people are putting me in a thankful frame of mind. Whether it's cute Thanksgiving/ November calendars, or just a vow of daily thankfulness, I'm feeling the need to join in. It's often too easy for me to dwell on what is frustrating me, what I WANT but don't have, and other whiny things.
Here's my November thanks so far...
November 1st - thanks for my parents (and especially their house's physical proximity to mine and their ability to take the kids fun places for random periods of time), thanks for the time to sew, thanks for my favorite pizza, thanks for family play time in the evening.
November 2nd - thanks for my husband's hard work in the garage getting ready to park my car in there for the winter, thanks for good friends at my church, thanks for a helpful 3 year old who is eager to carry grape juice and go for a walk with his mom, and thanks for a yummy dinner @ Chili's.
November 3rd - thanks for a beautiful sunny gorgeous day, thanks for animals at the zoo, thanks for my mini-food processor, thanks for an eager, growing, learning 6 month old with a huge grin, thanks for a yummy dinner, and thanks for long naps.
in advance of November 4th - thanks for the right to vote. May the right man be elected!

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