Tuesday, November 11

fiber filled

No, I'm not talking about prunes (although those did make for an interesting trip to the fabric store this morning with little babe). I'm talking about our house. It now has an extra layer of fiber filling up the attic. Because we have to give the neighbors something to talk about, we went to Menards last night and bought 20 bags of fiber insulation... the blown-in kind. We then came home, had dinner, put the kids to bed, and proceeded to hook it all up and blow it all in. I stood outside shoving the bags of junk into the machine which then sucked its way through the tube into the attic where my husband was (most of the time) standing at the ready. I don't want to think about all the crap I inhaled. My husband had a mask, thank goodness. We both decided we don't EVER want to do this for a living. Luckily, we were done blowing by 10, picked up, showered and in bed by 11. Did I mention it was about 32 degrees last night?! Oh yeah - we were only able to manage the pick up so easily because I drove one truck and hubby drove the other one we're going to be donating soon. Not sure how we would have gotten it all home otherwise. Maybe the bags would have gone in the minivan? I don't know.

Although it was convenient yesterday, I just want to get rid of the old truck. Our driveway looks like a parking lot. ugh. Plus, if we keep it much longer something else is going to go wrong. Greensboro Habitat, here we come. Brace yourselves.

My allotment of thanks recently...
Sunday... thanks for sleeping children and supportive friends.
Monday... thanks for the gift of spontaneity, fleece gloves, and patient neighbors.
Tuesday... thanks for Mod Podge and treasure boxes, Christmas shopping without a 3 year old, yummy soup, candy cane milk to make hot chocolate with, and blogs full of crafty ideas.

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