Wednesday, February 11

cinnamon hearts

Well. I'm still patiently (???) waiting for the phone call. My craft room lies in wait. All is quiet.

So - what better way to spend a rainy day than to cook. I got out an old recipe from a college friend and dug right in. They are cinnamon sugar cookies basically. The best part is the frosting... you melt cinnamon red hots, mix with egg whites & sugar and you get a delicious glazed satin finish. Gorgeous. Yummy.
Yeah. I'm off to get a couple more before bedtime I think.
(anybody want the full recipe? let me know.)

While the cookie dough was cooling in the fridge, we spent half an hour making these quick little treats for Valentine goodies at preschool. Sticks in marshmallows, melted pink chocolate, sprinkles. Thanks for the idea Grace Violet!

Put them together, and you've got a hyper 4 year old! He had fun doing the sticks, and was able to roll them in the chocolate and sprinkles with hardly any intervention.
I then let them harden, wrapped them in cling wrap and tied with a little ribbon. Perfect for his little pals!

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