Saturday, February 21

music pieces

I am the "typical" quilter - I make a lot of quilts for others, but not very much for myself. Time to rectify that situation! OK, I'm not actually quilting for myself, but I'm quilting for my kids and the quilts are staying in my house!
I bought a bunch of Eric Carle fabric to play around with - Very Hungry Caterpillar & Brown Bear. I haven't quite decided what I'm doing with all of it yet, because I want it to be special. But I can't let it sit around forever or my son won't appreciate it.

My other project is for my son. That one I started yesterday. He picked out some guitar fabric the other day. I am going to be paper piecing some music squares and mixing that with some bright colored squares and the guitar fabric.
I spent the afternoon nap cutting some of the squares and tracing a bunch of the patterns for the specialty squares.

Here are two of the squares done. I'm not entirely happy with how the notes lined up, so I may be ripping some stitches today. It was too late last night when I finished the square for me to fuss about it then. Really, I have been self-taught with a little help from a friend. I need to figure out a better way to make sure it will line up BEFORE I stitch.

Today I'm going to work on a few more squares, and I may head to the store for some more grays and silvers for backgrounds. I didn't have as much in my stash as I thought! It's snowing now though, so I may just sew with what I have and save the excursion for tomorrow.

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