Wednesday, February 18

let's talk about me

love for self.

That really got me to thinking. What do I do that helps me take care of and love myself? I started this blog as a journey of sorting out all the parts of my life that I love and trying to make time for all of them. It's still a long road, but both kids are sleeping so I have a little time to show the love.

Here's my list in no particular order of things I do: (some more frequently than others)
-spa days (pedicure, massage, hair cut)
-sleep in
-indulge in the many forms of chocolate - especially mint chocolate
-play piano
-make cards
-go for a bike ride
-send my kids off with my hubby
-read a book or magazine

Nothing fancy, nothing out of the ordinary. But doing something on that list for as little as half an hour daily really helps me get myself back in gear to do all of the not-for-me and/or not-so-fun parts of my life that are important and necessary.


Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Mmmmm....indulging in chocolate is one of my favorite "me things" to. The only problem is it requires more of my exercise time to counteract all the chocolate!

Aimee said...

How wonderful that you sing! I used to sing all the time, but I've lost that habit somehow. I think I'll start again!

kjha said...

Chocolate does help everything...I especially like to sneak a little while I'm cooking dinner!

Esther said...

I need to keep a list like that handy. To often my "me time" suprises me and I forget all the things I love to do!

Maple said...

I agree with Esther. A list is a good thing. Somehow I forgot I could make a list, but I remembered the other day, and WOW I actually did get more done that I WANTED to get done. It is all those little moments that make life good.

Sea Star said...

Mint Chocolate is one of my favorite escapes too. I have my own secret stash that the kids don't get to share. What a nice pick me up. But I need to visit my stash a little less often!