Wednesday, February 4

lovey duvey all the time

My view on lovey-duvey stuff has changed throughout the years. When I was in high school and “everyone else” had a boyfriend, I got annoyed with PDA.
Then I got to college, made new friends, met a nice boy, and found PDA not quite so awful. ;)
Now that I’m happily married with two kids of my own, you couldn’t stop me from hugging and kissing on them and my sweet hubby.

Time has also taught me though that being lovey-duvey is more than just a line from a Steve Miller Band song, and it’s more than PDA.

It’s thoughtful surprises…
My husband’s favorite cookies brought home from the grocery store.
Laundry done before my hubby even runs out of workshirts or underwear.
Remembering a comment from March and turning it into a birthday present in July.
Getting all the garbage and recycle taken out before my hubby even gets home from work. (instead of just piling it by the door!)
Arby’s waiting in the car after I pick up my son from preschool.
Handmade clothes, toys and presents.

And special moments…
The “roll-over” game.
Butterfly kisses.
After bathtime.
Dancing “the way Poppa did”.
Playing Candy Land AGAIN.
Sharing the green chair by the fire.

Hope you can find a lovey-duvey moment to celebrate today.


Jen said...

Great post! I'm like you, "you couldn’t stop me from hugging and kissing on them and my sweet hubby."

Great ideas. I also love just being silly with my kids, and being comfortable to be myself and goof around--step out side of that "mommy" role and just BE together having fun.

MaryAnne said...

Great post! It's all the little things that add up, isn't it.

Desi said...

That's so true, it's everything we do that shows love. My hubby would like the one you mentioned about having work shirts and underoos clean before he runs out. Maybe I should work a little harder on that one. LOL.

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

I used to rool my eyes whenever my parents would kiss or hug in front of us (much like my chidlren do now when my hubby and I do the same thing) but I'm so glad they still did it because we knew they loved each other.

Aimee said...

You are so right. Those little sacrifices we make mean so much!

kjha said...

Isn't it nice to be lovey duvey all the time! I had to smile because I had Arby's in the car for our after school snack just on Monday...

Maple said...

I love the little things! I also love your blog title, "Be The Thread." Really cool! I think I could write a poem or something out of that idea. :)

Michelle said...

Awe, great post!
I'm going to try those breakfast puffs too!
(I found your blog from Petalz and Finz blog.)