Wednesday, February 25

my new brother

Yay! My BROTHER finally arrived.
No, my brother has not traveled from NC to visit me. I HAVE A NEW TOY!

Thanks SO much to my hubby for supporting my hobby. my insanity. my crafty side. Whatever you want to call it, THANKS sweetie!

We're going to spend a little quality time getting to know each other over the next few days. There is so much to learn!

Favorite things so far...
1. It's so quiet when it's sewing.
2. I could dump over the accessories box and nothing will fall out. They latch in!
3. Hard-core box for the embroidery stuff.
4. The manual is actually useful (as opposed to another previously owned machine which was not so helpful in the manual department.)
5. Self-threader
6. It's blue and white (my favorite color combo ever!)

(little) annoyances...
1. I'm supposed to be able to load pics for a screen saver, but it won't take my pics yet. :(
2. It sews so fast that it kind of bunched up on my trial embroidery run yesterday. Luckily it was a dumb design on scrap fabric. Gotta figure out how to slow this brother down!
3. Could they have maybe saved on the dust cover and given me $50 off? It's kind of ucky fabric and it's never going to have time to collect dust!
4. I did a bunch of designs on my old machine using a 40mm x 40mm hoop. That isn't an option now, so I have to redo/ rethink some of my old designs.

Last night I ran out of bobbin so my first job is to see if I can wind a bobbin without help from the saleslady! Wish me luck!

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V and Co. said...

yay on the new sewing machine! as to where i got the dress it's a hand me down from a friend. i'm in the process of trying to learn how to hand smock something and let me tell better not... :)