Wednesday, December 30

fingerprints & animals

What did you get for Christmas? Here's one of my presents I'm really excited about - an Ed Emberley Fingerprint Drawing Book. I LOVE Ed Emberley, and asked my mom if she knew where my childhood book was. She couldn't find it, so she & my dad gifted me with a couple new books this Christmas. As you can see, Conner and I had a lot of fun with the fingerprint one during Abby's naptime creating a fish, a frog, a turtle, a parade of pink elephants, purple birds, and a couple flowers. So easy, and so fun using the stamp pads!!!

As we were flipping the pages after the animal ones, we saw some trains & cars. I drew the road with a black marker, and we added two cars (with exhaust trailing behind), a helicopter, clouds, a bird, sun, and he drew the building.If you're looking for a new artsy fun with kids book - check out Ed Emberley!!!! I consider myself to have a creative side, but not much artistic ability. I don't feel that my sketching skills are worth much. That makes Ed Emberley perfect for me! He breaks it down into easy steps and even the drawing-incompetent folks like me end up with cute pictures. I also have another one that uses basic shapes to make animals, etc. I'm excited to see how I can incorporate that into craft time - my own sewing - and some felt stuff for the kids.

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