Friday, October 31

an apple a day

I love sewing. I love crafty stuff. So much so that I sometimes find myself getting resentful when I don't get enough time to do them. I read on Craft Apple that she feels like the old saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" applies to her crafting life. I have to agree with her on that. It surprises me to admit that, but it's true. A day without personal creative time is a frustrating day to me. A day with time to be crafty is a day of momentary calm and it usually ends in more of a peaceful state.

My stay-at-home-mom sis-in-law and I were talking recently about kids, hubbies, crafts, and finding time for it all. It's hard to do. It seems like it should be so easy, I mean- my kids DO sleep for heavens sake! When I was younger, my mom told me she would sometimes sew with me on her lap. I thought she was crazy, desperate, and putting my fingers to the test. But yet, I find myself winding bobbins with my son, trying to hem socks while passing out Halloween candy, and staying up late to write a blog and handsew a pillow shut. Most surprisingly of all, I have sewn with my son on my lap. He knows the start/stop button on my embroidery machine. Who'd have guessed???!

Time to go take a bite out of my daily apple. Muncha muncha muncha.

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