Saturday, August 1

good night sleep tight

I made something special for my husband's birthday... a silhouette pillowcase. He's been needing a new pillow for a while, so I decided to do something fun to go with it. We have a ton of extra pillowcases, so I just used one of them and some fabric from my stash. No cost - - - even better!
I'm sure there's other silhouette pillow tutorials out there, but I figured I'd just show you how I did mine.

1. Take a picture of your kids' profile. And then when your 15 month old doesn't want to cooperate, just PRAY that you have one of your wriggly sweetheart somewhere that shows her profile and just go with that. I cropped it and printed it as an 8x10. I wasn't going for a fancy picture, so I just did it on regular paper in black and white. Then I trimmed around his profile.2. If you care which way the silhouette will be facing, then flip accordingly. I then put it under my Wonder Under and traced.
3. Iron the Wonder Under to the fabric he chose. (clouds for him, water for Abby. don't ask me why, it's just what I get for letting him choose.)
5. Cut out their silhouettes and iron to the pillowcase. I wasn't really thinking about it at the time, but realized later that depending on how thick a pillow you have, and how long you cut their necks out, you might not want to put their faces so close to the seam.
6. Pause for a moment to adore their cute little silhouettes. Maybe wish that you had proportioned them a little better. Sigh and move on.
7. Zig zag around all their hair spikes, cute little lips, noses, and chins.
8. This was just my special added touch. We always say "Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite, see you in the morning light when the sun is bright, right?" as our funny good night to each other. So I added it to the pillow. You could really freehand anything, write with a fabric marker, leave it plain, or whatever.

You're done!!! Good night, sleep tight!
There's so many other cute ways you could do it that I was thinking of as I was sewing...
For a kid to take to camp (silhouette of you? pet? house? whatever they will miss!)
Of a mom/dad who is deployed - that way the kid can always "kiss them goodnight"
Grandma/ Grandpa?

There's other variations too, because there's that cool fabric you send through your printer, so the options are really endless. It doesn't have to be silhouettes, it can be real pictures.