Friday, August 21

take a walk

I know nature walks aren't exactly a new idea. I just wanted to share ours from the other day. We live in a Chicago suburb... how much nature can you really get, right? Well...

Grab your glue stick, a journal, and join us!

(And before you start worrying about him walking in the road, it's a VERY quiet street, and he stayed at the side of the road investigating the sewer drains. He spent most of the walk on the sidewalk!!)So, if he found leaves or flat things, we glued them in his journal.

Things that were too 3-D to glue, we took pictures of. Then, printed the pictures off & glued them in the book.

Like, I said - not every observation was nature related. These mailboxes are at the side of the road before the construction zone. He said "look - it's a pattern, white, black, white, black, white, black, white" and then he started singing a little pattern song as he kept on walking.

It really came to me as just something to do after dinner before Daddy got home. But I think this would be fun to do once a week as fall approaches... so many changes coming! He was amazed at the amount of leaves already starting to fall. "Mommy, it's not even fall yet!!! Why are all the leaves falling??!"

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