Saturday, August 1

birthday cake

Here's the birthday cake. It's not fancy, it's just simple...sleek... and signifies one of our favorite things here at our house.
My husband loved it.Here's a couple little details you might be interested in:
- make sure you have confectioner's sugar before you put your daughter down for a nap (if you're planning to make your own frosting.)
- don't expect light pink store-bought frosting to take color the same way as homemade frosting.
- don't put in a lot of coloring at a time. Better to use just a little color first. (DUH)
- be thankful that your MIL is there to run to the store for more confectioner's sugar because you don't think a purple laptop is really going to be the look you were going for. :)
- realize nothing's saving this batch of frosting, sprinkle on some silver dust, and laugh about it later.
- then be thankful that the picture makes it look better than it really did. :)

And for those of you who were wondering, it was my husband's request, a yellow 9x13 cake. And yes, it was a fondant apple in the middle.


MaryAnne said...

My husband would love a cake like this, maybe I'll surprise him on one of his future birthdays...

Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

Ha! Yellow cake. Guys can request some pretty boring things sometimes!