Wednesday, August 26

one room schoolhouse

When I was little, I totally bought into the mystique of a one room schoolhouse. It seemed like so much fun. Drawing on the chalkboard, all the kids lined up in those adorable flip top desks. Then I became a teacher. uh, no thanks! I'll just take one grade, maybe two. But NO way do I want to try and teach K-12 grade kids in the same class!!!!

This weekend we went to Michigan to support a one room schoolhouse in my mother's hometown. They had an ice-cream social/ fundraiser. There were a couple musical groups playing, calves to pet, old-time games to play (croquet, stilts, hoops, etc), ice cream to be eaten... it was a fun afternoon!Aren't they cute? After I took the picture Abby got into drawing on her slate too. I'm not sure most schoolhouses had pianos, but since they use this one for 4th graders, it's wonderful to have the piano in there!!!

Conner was checking out a bunch of old cars...
and even got to go for a ride in the rumble seat!!
Here he is helping out the "Fire Brigade" - it seems the schoolhouse was on fire! oh no!He was soaked by the end of course, but loved every minute of it!

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