Monday, August 10


I try not to get too religious or too preachy here. I just want to share my little Sunday inspiration. (yes, I know it's Monday. I just didn't sit down to the computer last night.)

We have a new minister at our church, and she was talking on Sunday about what is our "center" - and what is at the heart of our worship. Our church's logo has that swirly C in the middle of it, and coincidentally the church is located on Center St. I tried to make a meaningful symbol of the thoughts in my head.

It was a quick & easy applique on top, machine embroidered words, and then some quick quilting on top to hold the pieces together. I used yellow thread to make a cross in the heart in the middle. The yellow fabric is covered in swirls too. I made a couple turquoise ribbon loops on top so it can be hung if chosen. I didn't do a fancy binding, I didn't do a fancy hanging sleeve. I just wanted an outward sign to help remember what I heard at church.


Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

You could probably make a nice Bible cover with that on it for yourself.

MaryAnne said...

lovely :)