Sunday, August 16


From left to right:
Aunt J - Aunt L - my great-grandma - Dad - Mom - Grama Mega - Poppa - Aunt W - Aunt C

Did you notice all the blue? hee hee. Even my Grama has on blue. See, I come by it naturally.

Now here's the awesome part (well, besides the fact that my parents have been married for 40 years!) -
My Grama made all 5 bridesmaids dresses, her dress, and my mom's wedding dress. (One bridesmaid is from the other side of the family and isn't pictured here. Sorry Aunt N! Didn't mean to leave you out!)
Then, within the next 18 months... 3 more weddings.
Aunt C - Aunt W - Aunt J
5 bridesmaids each + wedding dress + Mother of the Bride dress
Do the math.

(Ok, I'll do it for you)
Yep, that's 4 wedding dresses, 4 MOB dresses, and 20 bridesmaids dresses for a grand total of 28!!!

Oh yeah, and she worked full time.
And oh yeah, the last daughter was still in high school.

(mom/dad/aunts... if I did the math wrong, or told the story incorrectly, please feel free to comment and correct me!)

Most importantly, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Mom & Dad!!!!! Thanks for being an amazing example of communication, caring, commitment and unfailing love.


Amanda said...

Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad! I love to see a couple beat the odds (and these days the odds aren't very good!) I don't know you, but I am terrifically happy for you!

Amanda said...

Oh, and VERY impressive on the dresses as well! WOW! What a family!

Rachel said...

lol - I am loving the blue bows!

MaryAnne said...

Wow, sounds like your Grama was a real super-mom!

Happy anniversary to your mom and dad!