Wednesday, August 19

chicken fried rice

What? She cooks????? Yep, every once in a while I do cook something "really" impressive for dinner. (haha on the really impressive) This is one of my favorites... chicken fried rice. It's not really anything too amazing, a lot of diced vegetables & chicken. I just feel so creative when I'm cooking it, and I LOVE eating it. I truly eat a rainbow!

Here's the quick recipe...
1. Cook the chicken. (We usually dice about 3-4 chicken breasts.) Toss in some soy sauce and/or teriyaki sauce.
2. Start cooking up some rice on the stove top. (I usually cook up about 2c worth.)
3. Toss in the veggies with the chicken (frozen peas, frozen broccoli, diced onions first - canned corn, peppers, carrots after the frozen stuff isn't frozen).
4. Add some spices - ginger for sure, and after that - well, whatever you feel like! No specific amounts, just put in a couple shakes worth. More if you're feeling spicy!
5. The rice should be done by now, so toss that in the wok with the chicken & veggies.
6. Mix it all up in the wok, and then shove it to the sides and make a pit in the middle so you can actually see the bottom of the wok.
7. Scramble an egg or two in the bottom.
8. Mix it up and enjoy!

So easy, so fun, and I'm not really following a recipe. I will NEVER claim to be a fancy cook, but I feel great when I sit down to eat!!! Even better... there's always enough for leftover lunch. AND my kids LOVE it. All around wonderful meal.

You think that's good? We made some OH-SO-YUMMY shishkabobs for my husband's birthday. I am happy to share the recipe with you, but it's not my own recipe, and I don't have any pictures cause I just plain old forgot to snap a pic. Just comment if you're interested.

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