Saturday, January 2


How did you spend your New Year's Day? We enjoyed our favorite feast with family... beef fondue. Two vats of peanut oil & butter... 6 lbs of beef... countless veggies... a big basket of garlic bread... sparkling grape juice... and 5 yummy sauces.
(yes there is an extension cord running down the middle of the table. that's just how we do it!)My parents made the basil butter and the dill dip - I made a sweet & sour (from scratch - I can never remember where the pimentos are at the grocery store. had to ask. arrgh) - a barbecue (so much better than anything from a jar!) - and a cranberry sauce (my new favorite).
We followed up the meal with some Chex Mix, football watching, hockey watching, naps, and then for dessert - this yummy cake. White-ish frosting on a yellow cake, pearl sprinkles, white sugar sprinkles, and white chocolate snowflakes.

We finally got the tree & decorations taken care of too, so I feel a little more organized & ready to face the new year. School starts again Tuesday, so we'll be back in our normal routine. It's been a busy, crazy, fun two weeks - but I'm ready for a little "normal"!!!


free indeed said...

I remember when fondue was the rage in the 70's. Mom had a pot and I even had one as a new bride, but it takes so long to eat!!!!!! I got rid of, as I age and don't eat so much, maybe I should bring it Looks like alot of fun! Cute cake too!

MaryAnne said...

This sounds lovely! My family (back in Austria) made fondue for New Year's but we didn't do anything special this year - maybe for 2011?