Monday, January 18

room redo

I was going a little stir crazy. I usually do when things are a mess. I love to rearrange furniture too. So this was just calling my name! Luckily, he was happy to play along!
Have I ever shown you my son's bedroom? (I couldn't remember, and after a quick glance through my old posts didn't see it listed. If I have, then feel free to just skip this post!) Well, the picture above was his room at about 1 pm yesterday afternoon. The rest of the pictures are how his room looks now. ahhh....

The shelves are dusted (woohoo!) - they are metal shelves with Where the Wild Things Are magnets on them. The other stuff on the shelves are just little momentos from "the early years". There is also a little mailbox where Daddy leaves him things when he has to be at work early (things like a little toy he finds laying around the house that hasn't been played with in a while, a little snack for later, a short note). The memo board I made using denim fabric wrapped around a styrofoam piece. I used silver pins & tape measure ribbon to make the lines to hold papers and pictures. Right now it holds a picture of his cousins, and a picture of him with a preschool friend. There's also a cable wire strung to hold some of his artwork, important papers, etc.
The chair rail is one of my favorite touches in the room. He counts on it when he's laying in bed trying to fall asleep. LOVE that! The comforter will soon be replaced with the music one I'm making. The pillowcase is one I made out of John Deere fleece. Soft and comfy!
Part of the reason for the rearrangement is my ADD with room design. Part of it is that he wanted a light by his bed, and I had this lamp all ready to go, just no outlet close to where his bed used to be. So now he has a lamp to read books in bed! He's so excited - he wanted to close the curtains and turn off the light and try it out as soon as possible! We keep his Legos and Matchbox in pull-out tubs underneath his bed, so the rug is perfect for right there.
The CONNER letters were painted and hung above his bed when we originally put his room together. They were probably hung a little bit high at the time, but I didn't want him reaching up and playing with them when he was supposed to be sleeping. It worked out perfectly now though because they are the perfect height above his dresser. The curtains were just plain chambray ones we had at our old house - I added the tape measure ribbon along the bottom, and they were perfect for his room!I love this corner. It's just a whole lot of family craftsmanship in one place. The rocking horse was a 1st Birthday present for him from one brother-in-law. (the same one who made Abby's doll bed. which reminds me I need to show you the doll quilt my mom gave her for Christmas.) Anyway - gorgeous workmanship! The bookshelves were a 3rd Birthday present from him. LOVE them too. They have three full shelves for books, and three cubbies for bins of "stuff" - marble run pieces, Mr. Potato Head, you get the idea! The bean bag chair is new - and he is loving it! (Slept on it the first 2 nights he had it!) We have a Mike Mulligan print hanging on the wall, and an alphabet rug on the floor. The pegboard has hooks for hats, dress-up shirts, his calendar, tool alphabet cards, and his chore chart. (We don't make a big deal out of daily chores, but it's something we keep trying to do!)
Then at the bottom of the pegboard - book racks made by my brother. They're perfect for holding some of our current favorites so they don't get lost on the big bookshelf.
Hope you enjoyed the tour of a CLEAN room! Woo-hoo!


MaryAnne said...

Looks great!

Shelley said...

Adorable! I love the peg board! Thanks for sharing! We will be posting this in our readers tips at the end of the month! :)