Wednesday, January 27

lego goodies

I finished up the goody baskets for the party!

I used small bright colored tubs from the dollar bin at Target... with foam stickers to label with each child's name.
Each child will also get a Lego magnet - bought at the Lego store near us. They come in a variety of colors, so Conner picked a special color for each guest.
Each child will also get a small bag of Lego block candies - from a candy store in town. They taste kind of like Sweet Tarts. We'll also have a bowl of them sitting out at the party, of course!
At the Lego store, they have a table with built-in tubs full of legs, torsos, heads, and hair. Conner personally selected each of the parts for his guests. Unfortunately, there wasn't any blond girl hair - and the girl torso choices were all kind of pirate slutty-wench looking. But he had fun choosing the parts and putting his friends together. Then you just put your people in that handy dandy box pictured behind them, check out, and bring them home to play. Pretty fun!
They also had a sale section in the back - and we found a couple Duplo grab bags that will be perfect for the younger nieces. Their parents will get the candy too.

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I bet you'll have some very happy party guests =)