Saturday, January 9

miss alice

This week was not quite the "return to normal" I had hoped.
Intestinal bug for Conner AND I.
Watched my niece one day while her mom was in surgery.
Not enough sleep.
Whiny daughter who "needs" to learn to talk before we both loose our minds.
A project that didn't go according to my plans. *ahem* because they "always" do... what was I thinking?

So, I was happy when I got an email from Samantha that her pattern is finalized! Hip hip hooray! I have something to show you that's not in pieces all over my craft room floor & tables!

I made this dress in the fall - you may notice the leaves on bushes behind Abby. Yeah, there's about 8 inches of snow covering that bush right now!
I love the yoke on the dress, and the gathers under the arm. The yoke was a bit tricky for me to sew, just because I haven't done that kind of sewing very often. The straps at the top were skinny too, making them hard to turn. But so cute when the whole dress was put together - it was worth it!
The dress was a little big for Abby, but I think if I were to try it on her again now it would fit a little better, and by springtime for sure. She's wearing it over some leggings because I was trying to get a quick shot & she was not cooperating.
Check out the Miss Alice pattern for yourself. Check out her blog too. I totally want to go to her farm and hang out by her fireplace!!!

Hopefully next week will go a little more smoothly & I'll have a couple things to share with you - birthday party invites, paper piecing, and what I did with the Pez fabric!


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

The whole "old enough to express wants but too young to express them so that others understand" stage is so hard.

I hope you and Conner are feeling better.

Cute dress =)

Jaimie said...

Very cute! I love the fabric combination.